GMSAS Guitar


Image of instructor sitting atop Pyramid of the Moon-Teotihuacan


Jorge A Torres


[email protected]




MM: Texas State University-2016

Smithsonian WMP Specialist-2023




Instructor Bio

My name is Jorge A Torres I have been guiding students for the past fifteen years and come to you with a wide variety of perspectives concerning this subject matter. These range from performer to researcher and instructor.

I have performed throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Ireland over the last twenty years in various capacities, including both as a vocalist and an instrumentalist.


As a researcher, my primary focus is the music of colonial Latin America. I have published works concerning choral practices at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico during the Sixteenth Century here in the U.S., as well as in Belgium. I continue to research a wide variety of topics and present my findings at international conferences and symposia.  


As an instructor, I've taught everything you can expect in a public school music setting, except for band. 



Course Description

Understanding music through the study of Classical guitar performance and technique.

Since the development of music does not exist in a vacuum be aware that there will be discussions on:

  • Music Theory
  • Musical Terminology
  • Music History


There are no prerequisites for the beginner course. 



Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be given the opportunities to:


  • Develop and demonstrate healthy techniques by employing good posture, breath control, proper hand positioning, and excellent finger and nail care.
  • Develop and demonstrate necessary ensemble techniques including proper balance, blend, intonation, tone quality, and rhythmic accuracy.
  • Recognize and use elements of musical theory including the staff, pitch and rhythmic notation, key and time signatures, music symbols, and dynamic markings.
  • Develop music reading ability through a systematic approach to sightreading.
  • Experience a variety of musical styles, eras, and composers through music studied and performed, attempting to achieve an expressive, artistic interpretation of the composer’s intent.
  • Listen critically to live and recorded performances.
  • Perform individually, in small ensembles, and in large groups utilizing personal creative expression.



Course Supplies 

Students will need to provide the following items:


  • 1” 3-ring binder to hold music
  • Pencils
  • 1 package of page dividers to separate music
  • Box of tissues
  • Salon Board (Nail file 180-240 grit)


Exhibit D Form


Many of the assessments in this course are recorded assignments. Recordings are made during class using Flipgrid to demonstrate improvement and mastery of the skills that are being learned. This form grants the program permission not only for the usage of Flipgrid but also for audiovisual recordings of concerts or classroom instruction that can be used on the district website, district-sponsored social media platforms, and or for instructional purposes in a professional development setting. Please download, sign, and return the Exhibit D Form by Friday, August 25, 2023.